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100 sleeves for DOUBLE MANGAS 155x195 mm

100 sleeves for DOUBLE MANGAS 155x195 mm

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Our protective sleeves reduce the wear and tear on your precious manga and protect them from dust and UV rays.

Please check the dimensions of your manga before purchasing the sleeves.

Covers recommended for double manga, for example:

Dragon ball doubles

GTO black edition doubles

Matter : Polypropylene

Dimensions : 155 x 195 mm with 45 mm flap and glue

Thickness : 60 microns

Other references available:

140 x 190 +45 mm  50 microns
152x190+45 mm  50 microns
155x195+45 mm   60 microns
165 x 220 + 40 mm  50 microns
173x265 +40 mm   60 microns
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