How to choose your MANGAS covers?

My-smartup offers a wide range of sleeves for MANGAS.

I advise you to always measure your books before buying sleeves:

length (L)
width (w)
height (H) (or thickness)

in a series length (L) and the width (w) are often fixed, but the height (H)  of the book may change.

Measurements are always in millimeters (mm)

Here is how to proceed:

L + H of book = sleeve length

W + H + 2mm = pocket width

ATTENTION: The flap allows you to adjust the closure if your books are longer or shorter.

Example: L+H book = 195 mm, you can take a 190mm pocket and the flap will cover the upper part of the book.

For the width on the other hand no catching up possible, the measurements must be precise!

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice or to suggest other formats.